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empathy_connect's Journal

In the Search for Others Like Us
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This community is owned and maintained by lymme_a_bean.

Please communicate with me ONLY by emailing tafra at mailforce dot net (edit appropriately). I check that address regularly.

This is a closed membership community. To join, you must first click the appropriate link above. After that, you must send me an email answering the following questions, and including your LJ username:

1. Do you regularly experience the emotions and/or thoughts of others? (If yes, this may be the place for you)
2. If yes, what is this experience like for you?
3. Do you ever have trouble telling what's "yours" from what's not? (If yes, this is NOT the place for you. Try empaths instead)
4. What is the process you use to figure out if an emotion is yours or not? Do the feelings appear to "come out of no where" at first, or to have mysterious origins? (if yes, this is NOT the place for you. Try empaths instead)
5. Do you find yourself subjected to "unexplained" bouts of depression, anxiety, nausea or other psychological distress, which you attribute to empathy? (Again, if yes, this may not be the place for you. You'll have to convince me it is.)
6. What do you hope to gain from and contribute to this community?

Your answers to these questions, in as much detail as you feel is necessary, will determine whether or not you can be admitted. Be prepared for a follow-up correspondence if I need more information.

WRONG answers look like:

"I was depressed all day and didn't know why. Then I found out my sister in California had just been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. I must be empathic."
"My best friends and I are all telepathic, and we like to play with it by guessing what each other is about to say after school."
"When one of my co-workers is stressed out, I feel it too, and I have to go around the office asking whose it is so I can help them deal with it before I can go back to work."
"I'm under constant psychic attack and I don't know how to make it stop."

My sympathies. Go elsewhere.

You must also, if your LJ is friends only, add lymme_a_bean as a friend so that I can take a look at your LJ. Once you've been added to the community, you may drop me again if you wish.

So. Who are we?

This is a community for folks who regularly experience the thoughts and feelings of others, and who would like to meet others with similar experiences who are NOT "woo woo," "fluffy bunnies," wanna-bes, or well-meaning folks who just use the same words differently from the way we do. This community isn't here to tell you if you're an empath or not: that's up to you to know. This community also isn't here to educate the curious about what it's like to be us. Go elsewhere for that.

This IS a community for people, like us, who experience the thoughts and feelings of others as most people are able to distinguish human faces and voices. This IS a community for people for whom experience and consciousness are fluid, flexible and porous. This IS a community for people who are highly sensitive and highly intuitive. The IS a community for people who are silenced from other online discussion of empathy by the pervasiveness of people who:

1. Perceive themselves under constant psychic attack
2. Believe themselves to be empaths because they are good, compassionate people who care about the world's problems
3. Believe themselves to be empaths because they cry uncontrollably at movies
4. Wish they were empathic because that would make them "special" or "cool"
5. Believe that Guardian Spirits (or the equivalent) are responsible for their psychic experiences
6. Write in sentences like "c u l8tr"
7. Want to ask "real" empaths questions about how to shield better, or what sorts of emotions empaths feel most frequently
8. Believe the emergence of psychic phenomena is ushering in a whole new age of human beings and humanity (i.e. Indigo Children and Crystal Children)
9. Want to ask "real" empaths to help them with their psychological problems
10. Want to ask "real" empaths to play "tell me what I'm thinking right now," online
11. Want to complain about all the bad energy in the world lately
12. Believe that empathy is necessarily a female or feminine thing
13. Believe that to be empathic is to be always warm and fuzzy
14. Think they are empathic because their feelings are hurt easily
15. Think they're telepathic because of that one experiment they did back in middle school
16. Think they know lots and lots of other empaths

If any of the above are you? This is NOT the community for you. Try empaths instead.

If you IGNORE the instructions for joining this community and/or the information presented here about the sort of people this community is for, I will IGNORE you back because you have not bothered to read the community info and this is a bad sign.

This community is about the who, not the what. In other words, if accepted, you can post about pretty much anything that would be of interest to other empaths, even if it's not directly empathy-related. Please do try to stay more or less on topic, though.

This community does not have an age restriction, although it does have a maturity restriction. Pornographic posts will not be tolerated. Also, posts containing copyrighted material will not be tolerated (unless you yourself are the holder of the copyright or otherwise have permission from the holder of the copyright).

Please be respectful in this, our little corner of the web. Please also respect anonymity if it is desired.